Getting Started

A Brief Guide to ConventionReady

Get started using ConventionReady with help from the info and tips below.

App Icon
Add ConventionReady to your device's home screen next to your other favorite apps.
  • First, go back to this event's home screen.
  • iOS - Tap the Share  icon, choose Add to Home Screen , then tap Add.
  • Android - Tap the Menu  icon in the upper right of the browser, choose Save to bookmarks. Under Add to choose Home screen  then tap OK.
  • Windows Phone - Tap the Menu  button then choose pin to start.
  • See a list and get details about conference sessions. On your mobile device, swipe to the left to add a session to your planner.
  • Tap on a session to get details like speaker info, handout PDFs, start taking notes, or add it to your planner.
  • See a list of any sessions you've added to your planner.
  • Tap on a session to export to your calendar and set email or text reminders.
  • Create or update any of your notes.
  • Your most recently updated notes will be at the top by default.
  • When taking notes, tap the camera icon  to snap a photo to include in your notes.
  • Look for the Send button to email yourself or someone else a copy of your notes.
  • Search the schedule, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, attendees and even your own notes.
  • Along with general keywords, search for terms like someone's name, a company, job title, etc.
  • Use the Menu to browse more features like trade show exhibitors, speaker and attendee lists, and more!
  • Tap Feedback at the bottom of any screen to let us know what you think of ConventionReady.
Your Account
This link appears at the bottom of the screen. Use this area to update your account info like your name, email address, reset your password, and provide your cellphone info to receive text alerts from sessions in your planner.